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le miracle du bambou ou sauvé par un mat de bambou CLIQUEZ

les grands PANDAS s'alimentent depuis peu avec des biscuits de bambou afin la désertification de forêts :cliquez

bambou en Europe


mais voiçi une info qui à son pesant de cacahuetes . texte de françois PUECH

A partir du 5 Février 07, on attaque la plus grosse coupe de bambou jamais réalisée en Europe. Soit :
3000chaumes de bambous à livrer fin fevrier et fin mars pour l'ultime test de préservation bi oléothermique sur lequel on travaille depuis 4 ans avec le CTBA et CIRAD.
ce traitement servira d'étalon pour la norme EU de l'emploi du bambou en construction.
après on ne pourra plus employer n'importe quel bambou en déco ou construction,il faudra traiter obligatoirement !

je vous souhaite bonne lecture.



texte article du 30 01 07 François Puech ass Bambouscopic ZA St FREDERIK 38 avenue Benjamin Gomez 64100 BAIONA
05 59 55 89 17 ----- 06 88 77 47 67
pour plus d'infos aussi........... E-mail puechbambou@free.fr

http://www.ctba.fr/ Le CTBA est un organisme scientifique concernant le bois et l'ameublement : recherches, publications, formation, conseil, certification.

http://www.ctba.fr/1_le_group/metiers.php?rub=liste-certification .......................CIRAD - La recherche agronomique au service des pays du Sud

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The Southern California Chapter of the American Bamboo Society has members primarily from southern California and southern Nevada, although we welcome members who live anywhere. The Chapter maintains Quarantine and Propagation Greenhouses and the outdoor bamboo collection at Quail Botanical Gardens, propagates bamboo for use and distribution, and holds one of the few permits for importation of bamboo into the United States. The Chapter holds public bamboo sales (at Quail Gardens) on the third Saturdays of April and of September.

Southern California Chapter meetings are held at 10 AM on the third Saturday of each month, and include work parties, discussions of bamboo growing, visits to botanical gardens, and propagation of bamboos. About half of the meetings are held at Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas; occasional meetings are held in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties, and the southern San Joaquin Valley.

Meeting announcements and bamboo news of interest to members in Southern California and southern Nevada are published in the bimonthly chapter newsletter, Southern California Bamboo. The Chapter maintains a small library of references on bamboo. Members may check out books up to a month. We welcome as members anyone interested in bamboo, whether home gardener, grower, nursery operator, collector, student, artist, or craftsman.

The Southern California Chapter of the ABS is sponsoring the "Bamboos of the Americas." Click here for more information and a membership form. Here's the project's goals.

"The Bamboo of the Americas project is committed to accomplish the following: - Seek international and host country participation and assistance. - Enhance the awareness of bamboo in the host countries while attaining environmental objectives. - Document the habitat of native bamboo in the host countries. - Assist in the construction and management of a native bamboo center and a propagation nursery in the host countries. - Collect and propagate native bamboo in the correct climate zone of the host countries. - Develop economic and distribution plans for the bamboo nursery in the host countries. - Coordinate eco-tourism and educational groups in and to the host countries."

ABS Southern California Chapter has provided bamboos to the Quail Botanical Gardens, the San Diego Zoo, to the Mildred Mathias Garden at UCLA, to Foothill Junior College's bamboo garden in Los Altos, to the LA State and County Arboretum, and to the annual auctions at the ABS national meetings.

The bamboos at Quail Botanical Gardens, provided by the American Bamboo Society, and maintained and improved by the Southern California Chapter of ABS, are the largest collection (in number of kinds, not acreage) of tropical bamboos in the continental United States. Sixty-four kinds of bamboo are incorporated in the landscaping, and 193 kinds in a steadily expanding reference collection in which we hope eventually to have an example of every bamboo available. There are also greenhouses for quarantine of imported bamboos and for propagation of bamboo plants. Bamboos propagated from these stock plants are offered for sale at semiannual bamboo sales and at the Quail Gardens gift shop.

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